We are a non-governmental organization which strives to serve as a solution for one of the planet’s biggest problems by reducing waste, on the one hand, while undertaking activities to ensure people’s access to basic needs in a fair and equal manner, on the other.

We launched our operations in 2010 under the title Food Banking Association together with nine founding members who were engaged in the food industry, believing that food banking is a major instrument in the fight against poverty and famine.

We conveyed our food banking knowledge and experience to the newly-established food banks. We extended our support to food banks and NGOs in this area through donations.

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A “first” in Turkey: A permanent solution that goes beyond mere support

In 2014, we took the name Basic Needs Association with the inclusion of employment and development projects in our activities, considering that one of people’s core needs is to be able to work in areas that match with their competence and abilities. Established in Maltepe, Istanbul, our first Support Market was commissioned in 2015.

This way, we not only supported people in need with food banking, but also aimed to build a realistic and sustainable model in the fight against poverty by undertaking employment organization. This was a ‘first’ in Turkey and set an example for peer organizations. We established the first Support Market of this innovative and unique model in 2015 in Maltepe, Istanbul.

Currently, we ensure that people below the poverty line can access their basic needs through the Support Markets that we establish and reinforce; continue to offer education to these people with Support HR; and provide employment. Moreover, we meet the basic needs of people who live in disaster regions in crisis, build development projects that prioritize the economic and social empowerment of women in rural regions, and create local projects on child poverty.

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Our Purpose

We aim to reduce poverty in Turkey by ensuring that people below the poverty line can, first of all, access basic needs and then employment to stand on their own feet.

Our Goal

Our goal is to become one of the most active non-governmental organizations in the fight against poverty and famine in Turkey and the world by expanding our innovative and sustainable SUPPORT system.

Our Waste Reduction Vision

Our Waste Reduction Vision

Our Values

  • Transparency: We record each and every work, as well as all the donations we make and receive, and inform all our stakeholders in a transparent manner through regular reporting.
  • Impartiality: In our activities, we avoid any bias, and focus on need-based aid and employment by remaining true to solely objective criteria without any discrimination of ethnicity, language, religion, gender, nation, age, origin, marital status, disability and sexual orientation. We undertake control, monitoring and assessment activities in order to make sure that the donations reach the actual people in need in a sound and fair manner.
  • Sustainability: We plan each of our works in a manner that enables beneficiaries to gain their own economic sustainability. We design our projects in the form of a living and evolving structure whose impact expands across large masses. We ensure the economic sustainability of TIDER both by creating benefits and generating revenue through social initiatives launched by our financial business.