Esteemed TIDER Fellow,

Our association acts as a “Data Controller” as part of the Law no. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data published and executed on 07.04.2016 on the Official Gazette, and conducts the necessary compliance works in order to fulfill the obligations under this title.

Within this framework, your personal data will be protected and processed by the Basic Needs Association in accordance with your consent under this Law. We would like to note that we may use your Personal Data for purposes of carrying out introductory and informative communications regarding our association; collecting and compiling statistical information; conducting the donation activities.

Within this scope, you may exercise the following rights by applying to our association, a Data Controller, as part of Article 11 of the Law. Accordingly, our donors whose personal data is processed are entitled to:

  • Find out whether their personal data has been processed;
  • Request information on the subject in the event that data has been processed,
  • Find out the purpose of processing such personal data and whether it has been used in line with the intended purpose,
  • Be informed about third parties to whom the personal data has been transferred, request correction of errors in personal data, and request that the relevant third party is required to correct personal data if data has been transferred,
  • Request deletion, destruction or anonymization of personal data in case the reasons that require processing of data no longer exist, and request that this is notified to third parties, if transferred to them,
  • Object to any negative outcome resulting against the individual as due to processed data,
  • Claim for compensation, within the framework of law, upon incurring damages resulting from unlawful processing of data.

The aforementioned requests can be submitted to our association any time by sending an e-mail to on our website.