Goodness Heals

From our beloved runner, Feral Yolal Sunar...

I launched a fundraiser for Runatolia, the first charity run of 2018, and announced my campaign on my social media. A donor whom I’m connected with on LinkedIn sent TRY 265 right on the first day, which would suffice a family for a year, and then sent me the following e-mail, when they are actually someone I met only once in my life and chatted with for ten minutes:

"Dear Feral Hanım,

You not only run for goodness, but y

ou also expand it around you while you run. I would like to give you a secret. I had never heard about TIDER before. And what you wrote touched me deeply.

I would like to express my most heartfelt gratitude for saving us from our endless spending, trapped in offices indoors...”

Just reading this suffices sometimes...

Goodness is contagious. Goodness heals.