From the Eyes of our Intern, Hazal

Before starting this internship, I hadn't known how necessary and important an internship would be for professional life. My internship adventure began at the Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundation under Maltepe District Governorship and gained a whole new dimension when I was sent to TIDER.

The Basic Needs Association is a non-governmental organization which approaches people always with blessings and a warm smile without expecting anything in turn, and works through cooperation with the governorship to meet the basic needs of people who need help. My internship here contributed to me and my personal development in ways that I had never imagined or realized in my life.

At TIDER, I was incredibly delighted to be able to learn work with harmony and collaboration, while helping those in need. I was not treated merely as an intern there; they treated me as one of them, a full-time employee that trust. Having worked at TIDER and being a member there made me extremely happy and proud.

And the things I did throughout my internship contributed to me in many aspects, both personally and in many ways about my life. I had the pleasure of taking part in many areas of work throughout my internship, from FonZip entries to job interviews, from family survey forms to onsite works.

The environment at Basic Needs Association is a lot more like a family, rather than a business environment. In fact, this is the environment thanks to which they can help people in need in such an active and sincere way.

TIDER is not only a place for internship for me, but also an institution that developed me. I would like to thank the TIDER team for offering me such a sincere and warm environment, as well as for trusting me and seeing me as one of them.