Any natural or legal person can become full Members of the association if they meet the following Membership Requirements. They have the right to vote in the General Assembly. They pay the annual contribution determined by the Board of Directors.

Membership Requirements

Any natural and legal person, as well as all other associations and foundations have the right to become a member to this association as long as they have a capacity to act and no criminal records; submit a reference letter in writing; adopt the purposes and principles of the association and work in line with them; and meet the obligations required by the Legislation. However, foreign natural persons must have a residence permit in Turkey to become members. This condition is not sought after for honorary membership.

Membership Procedures

The applicant, either a natural or legal member, must attach a reference letter in writing with the wet signature of two current full members to their written application, alongside a petition whose details are mentioned below in their submission to the Directorate of Association. In addition to these documents, they are required to submit a copy of the representative’s ID and circular of signature for legal person membership, and a copy of ID for natural person membership. Members of Board of Directors at the Association review the membership applications, respond with an acceptance or rejection letter within no later than thirty (30) days, and the applicant is notified about the result in writing. A member whose application is accepted is recorded in the book to be held. The permanent members of the association are persons who are admitted by the Board of Directors for membership upon their application via the founders.

Honorary Members

People contributing significantly to the association both through material and moral support can be admitted as honorary members as per the decision of Board of Directors.