Grants & Funds


Grant for Civil Society Dialogue Between Turkey and the EU – CSD V and Civil Society Support Programme – II

We undertake a project to increase Food Banking capacity in Turkey as part of Civil Society Dialogue Between Turkey and the EU-V Civil Society Support Programme-II.

Launched in April 2019 to increase Food Banking capacity in Turkey, the project aims to expand the Food Banking capacity in Turkey and enhance the operation capacity, while increasing the number of product donors and food banks on our current online platform through which product donations are made to food banks. The project will be supported by the EU until the end of March 2020.

UPS Foundation Grant

As part of a grant for the year 2018, UPS Foundation provided financing to realize TIDER’s project aimed at opening a new food bank, as well as placing the beneficiaries in need in jobs within the scope of its employment project.

The aims to meet the basic needs of people who live below the poverty line through a new food bank to be established, and to place them in jobs, while reducing wastes in food and retail industry. Producers’ and retailers’ products obtained through the agreement will be collected as donations and transferred to the food bank. The beneficiaries will collect these products from the food bank established in the market organization under humane conditions as per their need, without any making any applications. 5,000 families are expected to benefit from the food bank annually as part of the project. Additionally, an average of 50 people is aimed to provide benefits as business owners annually.