Volunteering Areas in TIDER

Volunteering Areas in TIDER

Our volunteers can provide voluntary support as per their own knowledge and preference in five different areas at TIDER.

Resource Development Volunteer

  • Guiding the donors
  • Taking active roles in booth activities aimed at product sales
  • Supporting the wide use of money boxes for aid
  • Supporting the donation campaigns
  • Supporting the greeting sessions and motivational activities for the athletes in race tracks throughout the marathon process

Office Volunteer

  • Entering data
  • Offering translation services if required
  • Making research and scans regarding TIDER’s areas of operation
  • Supporting the donor acknowledgement processes
  • Supporting the association’s organizations (e.g. Conference, invitations, concerts, etc.)

Communication Volunteer

  • Disseminating TIDER’s posts on social media
  • Supporting the increased visibility and number of followers on all of TIDER’s social media accounts
  • Sharing and spreading the campaigns carried out
  • Participating in retail and institution meetings as a TIDER ambassador by taking part in organizations in different provinces as a TIDER representative

Support Market Volunteer

  • Supporting the arrangement of shelves and placement of newly-arrived products in the markets, and organization of documentation
  • Actively participating in job interviews made with families in need who shop in the market
  • Actively taking part in activities such as differentiating and packaging the products arriving at Support Market prior to official holidays and special days

Human Resources Volunteer

  • Supporting the interviews made with families in need
  • Facilitating meetings with firms regarding the guidance of employees
  • Supporting the families when they fill up the job application forms
  • Supporting the micro-entrepreneurship processes