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In their announcements, they appeal for donations to TİDER’s project. Donations are made directly to the official bank account opened for the relevant project by TİDER.

Adım Adım, a civil society initiative that operates entirely with volunteers and has no legal entity, started its activities in 2008. It aims to inspire social solidarity by encouraging individuals to take action through sports. In line with this goal, it facilitates the development of donation resources by increasing the awareness/visibility of NGOs among individuals and institutions through charity runs. TİDER is one of the NGOs supported by the Adım Adım initiative.

To become a charity runner, you can create your runner profile on Adım Adım’s website at In the section where you choose the NGO you want to support, you can select TİDER’s project and start collecting donations by sharing your runner profile with your friends through email and social media platforms. You can also check the names of the people who donated on your behalf and track how close you are to reaching your goal anytime you access your runner profile.

Birthday Campaigns

You can make donations in your birthday! Invite your surroundings to donate by starting your individual donation campaign. You can start your birthday campaign by clicking on and join us in the fight against waste and poverty!

Corporate Campaigns

You can donate your birthday to TİDER by starting your corporate donation campaign and invite your friends to donate. Become a partner in our fight against waste and poverty by clicking on and starting your birthday campaign!