You can review the infographic below to understand how the Support Market system operates.

How Does the Support Market System Work?

OBJECTIVE: The primary goal of the Support Market is to enable individuals in need to benefit from essential necessities FREE OF CHARGE.

What types of products are available?

SUPPORT MARKET shelves include various kinds of food, cleaning, hygiene, and clothing products classified as their essential necessities.

How are the products sourced?

Products are sourced through donations from supplier companies, that areusable products that have lost their market value due to various reasons, as well as through individual contributions.

Who can benefit?

Individuals identified as genuine beneficiaries through applications submitted to the social assistance and solidarity foundations affiliated with district municipalities can benefit from Support Markets.

How are individuals informed?

Details like the shopping limits are notified via SMS to the beneficiaries.

How does the shopping process work?

1-) Identity verification via SMS is needed when a beneficiary enters the support market.

2-) Beneficiaries pick their necessary goods  just like in a regular shopping process.

3-) At the checkout, they do not pay cash but instead, show the message they’ve received on their phone. The cost of the selected items is deducted from their limit.

4-) They take their remaining credit along with the purchased items for later use and leave, while also being directed to Support HR for further assistance on employment.

What does Support Human Resources do?

Support Human Resources, anothe pillar of TİDER’s support system, facilitates the employment process of the Support Market beneficiary’s’ to settle their financial stability.


Poverty and wastage are very significant issues in Turkey! 22% of households in our country live below the poverty line. In every 10 households, 2 families live below the poverty line and cannot meet their basic needs. Four times the country’s needs for food and hygiene products are produced in a year. It is estimated that 325,000 tons of food are wasted each year, with 4,000 tons of food going to waste every day in Istanbul alone.

Solution! SUPPORT MARKET Prevents waste by providing a consumption demand for usable products that have lost their market value for various reasons.

Social Market, eliminates disposal costs and environmental damages during the disposal of usable products that have lost their market value. This is a costly process for producers and suppliers, and the greenhouse gas emissions it causes pose a threat to the environment.

Reduces hunger and poverty! Support Market values and respects that every individual should meet their basic needs fairly and equally.

Improves public health In Turkey, 2 out of every 10 children experience health problems due to malnutrition and hygiene-related issues. Support Market helps prevent these problems by providing access to food and hygiene products for children in proportion to their needs.

It is a collaboration-based development model. The support project is not a one-time aid program. Support Market and Support HR provide systematic, complementary and sustainable support. While providing regular assistance through Support Market, it also contributes to the employment of beneficiaries through Support HR. The support project is an effective development model that brings the public sector, private sector, and civil society organizations together. Bringing resources and institutions together in this way creates a sustainable system that provides long-term support to more people.