Support Market


Support Market

Please refer to the infographic below for the functioning of Support Market whereby people in need can meet their basic needs on a free-of-charge basis depending on the pre-determined shopping limits.



The number one purpose of SUPPORT MARKET is to ensure that people in need can benefit from basic need supplies on a FREE-OF-CHARGE basis.

What type of products are offered?

What type of products are offered?

The shelves of SUPPORT MARKET host numerous items that are classified in the category of basic needs such as food, cleaning, hygiene and clothing products.

How are the products supplied?

How are the products supplied?

They are supplied through individual contributes and through suppliers and producers who donate their usable products that lost their market value. Click here for information on corporate support.

Who can benefit

Who can benefit

The actual people in need benefit from Support Markets as a result of the applications to social assistance and solidarity foundations under the regional district governorships.

How are the people notified?

How are the people notified?

People who are eligible are notified about their shopping limits via SMS to their mobile numbers.


1-) visits the Support Market in their region. TR Identity number is checked to see whether it matches with the number in SMS.

2-) picks up the items he/she needs just like in normal shopping.

3-) does not pay anything at the checkout and only shows the SMS message on their phone. The cost of products he/she selected are deducted from his/her limit.

4-) takes his/her products and leaves the market to use the remaining credit for later shopping, while being redirected to Support HR.



The other leg of the support system, Support Human Resources carries out employment organization to ensure that people in need not only benefit from Support Markets, but also are employed to permanently secure a source of income.

(Please click here for further information on Support HR.)

Poverty and waste are the critical issue in Turkey!

  • %22 of households in our country lives below the poverty line.
  • In 2 out of every 10 houses, families live below the poverty line and are unable to meet their basic needs.
  • Food and hygiene supplies produced annually are 4 times higher than the quantity needed countrywide.
  • 325,000 /span> tons of food are estimated to turn into waste annually.
  • Every day 4,000 tons of food go to waste in Istanbul.


Reduces waste

Support Market contributes to waste reduction by utilizing producers’ and retailers’ usable products, which lost their market value due to multiple reasons, for use to meet a large part of its aids without any purchasing.

Eliminates the cost of destruction and environmental damages

Destruction of usable products that lost their market value is a high-cost process for both producers and suppliers, while the greenhouse gases it causes threatens the environment.

Reduces poverty and famine

Support Market ensures that the basic needs of every individual that suffers poverty or risk of poverty are met fairly and equally.

Improves social health

2 out of every 10 children in Turkey suffer health issues caused by hygiene and lack of nutrition. Support Market contributes to battling these problems by facilitating children’s access to food and hygiene products in the amounts they need.

It is a collaborative development model

Support project is not a one-time aid program. It rather provides sustainable and permanent support in a systematic manner via Support Market and Support HR. Through Support Market, it extends regular aid, while contributing to employment of beneficiaries through Support HR. Support project is an active collaboration and development model which brings together public institutions, private sector and NGOs. A long-standing sustainable system that supports more people emerges through a combination of resources and cooperation of institutions.

It is sustainable

Through their donations, institutions generate extensive social benefits, while lowering costs by eliminating the cost of disposal and benefiting from tax incentives. Moreover, they contribute to a sustainable world by preventing damage to the environment caused by disposal. The lives of Support Market beneficiaries become economically sustainable thanks to suitable jobs offered through Support HR.

Promotes need-based fair share

Support Market beneficiaries select and get the actual products they need. This aid goes merely beyond a standard collective aid culture which is made with parcel packages. Who can access benefits at Support Markets and the quantities thereof are determined meticulously.

Promotes social solidarity culture

Support Market is a part of the society it operates in. It facilitates local integration. It raises social awareness through voluntary activities.

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